The Benefits of Mentoring

“My son, if you will receive my words, and treasure my commandments within you, make your ear attentive to wisdom, incline your heart to understanding… ” Proverbs 2:1The book of Proverbs is a recorded book of practical life truths that were spoken. Originally, the context was a royal court setting. Solomon gave his instruction as a teacher to students, sitting together on marble benches or strolling about the lush courtyards, dispelling his learned wisdom with stories and dicta. The whole idea was to pass the wisdom of the existing leadership to the up and coming future leaders.Other times, this mentoring occurred in the home, as a father gently speaking wisdom to his sons.Proponents of business success understand the benefits of mentoring. Managers and high-level officers provide their business wisdom to their trainees in training sessions, internships, and conferences. The methods used to nurture young recruits in the business world are countless, and they can be found everywhere, online and in classrooms.Most of the great athletes today have personal mentors. Pick any sport and look at the top players; you will find all of them make use of a personal coach or mentor to help refine their football catching, golf swing, or tennis serve. Many hire mentors to build their confidence and mental toughness even more than their physical skill.It is far less common to see mentoring in spiritual matters or in matters of wise living. This is unfortunate. Surely men and women need mentors in their spiritual life more than any other area of life.Solomon had this great gift from God – wisdom beyond all who had ever lived and would ever live, and he did the right thing with it: he passed it on. His love of sharing wisdom is why we have the books of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Solomon.Solomon did not let his failures keep him from sharing what he knew to be true. Trust me, Solomon had lots of failures. As does every man.People tend to think that because they have failed in life, they have no right to teach others what they know. When a man looks at his life and ponders his divorce, he may think he could never tell another man how to have a good marriage. Or he might think that because he has experienced some major losses due to his addictions, he could never tell another man how to avoid things that strive to control him.The truth is these men have every reason to share what they know!We have all failed. And sometimes the things we have failed at the most are the very things we understand best.I once went through bankruptcy. It was one of the toughest things I have ever experienced. For a guy who prided himself on paying every debt he ever owed early and working insanely hard all the time (even when everyone else was playing), going bankrupt and being as broke as an old clay pot was absolutely devastating. But now I know what it feels like. I understand how making decisions before doing any extensive research is a paved road to failure. I understand how foolish pride can compel an otherwise intelligent man to do some crazy stupid things. And I also know that there are some circumstances for which there are no solutions, and no matter how hard a man can try, sometimes he just cannot fix things.I know these things because I made enough stupid mistakes to go completely bankrupt and lose everything I had worked two decades to achieve.But now I know.And when I meet a guy who is facing financial disaster I can speak to him with wisdom. Wisdom from the realty of experience, not theoretical, pious talk. I can speak to that man’s heart.Recently I encouraged a younger friend of mine to sell a completely unnecessary item he had purchased. He argued with me. He told me it made good sense to keep it.Because I had been in his shoes before, I knew he needed to sell that thing. I absolutely knew it and I told him several times. He finally acquiesced and sold it.Fast forward a couple months and he got into a situation where he needed extra money and he was so glad he had sold the unnecessary and expensive item.Though I would never tell him, I have had the tremendous satisfaction of watching him take my advice and escape the trouble that I had already been through!Not only do students benefit tremendously from mentoring, but mentors experience the benefits of mentoring in a completely different way. It is hugely satisfying.Mentoring is one way older or more experienced men can take younger, less experienced men under their wing and point them in the right direction. Solomon did this, and how blessed were those he counseled. He understood the benefits of mentoring.If you are young, then I can tell you one of the best things you can do is find a mentor. Find one! Don’t stop until you do. Make sure this person is someone you admire for the right reasons. Make certain he has integrity, has lived fully, and has a sincere faith in God.If you are an older man or woman, and have lived enough years to experience the highs and lows of life, you’ve hit a lot of debris in the road but found your way through it, you’ve taken some wrong turns but endured the trials of getting back on the right track, and have kept the Word of God as your guidebook through it all, then do someone a massive favor and find a young man or woman who is in need of direction. Give them some of your life. Spend time showing them how to make decisions, how to recover from serious mistakes, and how to make life better than before… and you will have lived for a higher purpose.The benefits of mentoring are vast, and one of life’s greatest blessings, for the receiver and the giver.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Reliable Expert Witness for Your Case

In the United States alone, hundreds of millions of dollars are spent the services of expert witnesses. An expert witness is called upon when insight is needed in an area where the typical factfinder in a court case has no background of knowledge for. You need to find an expert witness that can advance your case theory and trial strategy since the testimony has a direct impact on the success or failure of your case. On this page, you will find the ultimate guide to finding the best expert witness for your case.

Before you do anything else, you should first find out whether the services of an expert witness are necessary in your case. The services of an expert witness and not needed in every case. However, the best thing you can do for your case is to determine whether it needs to incorporate an expert witness. If it is hard to comprehend the facts regarding your case using everyday common sense, incorporating an expert witness into your case could boost the odds of success. An expert witness may also be necessary if the case involves information that requires some background or knowledge that the judge assigned to the case may not have. If the trial of the case experiences challenges when trying to reach a conclusion due to lack of specialized knowledge, an expert witness may also be a good addition to the case. You need to determine the specific expertise you need on trial once you realize that you need an expert witness on your elderly abuse case. For instance, you may need to find a forensic accountant to help you tackle an elderly abuse case involving financial misappropriation.

You should make a decision based on the education qualifications of the expert witness. Expert witnesses are usually learned people whose field of study is linked to the facts and questions involved in the case. If the elderly abuse case requires scholars that are experienced in specific methodological approaches, the criteria can also be used to qualify one as an expert witness. It is advisable that you only and an expert witness to your case if the educational standards are up to the required levels.

Expert witness referral services will be helpful when looking for expert witnesses. After being provided with the requirements for the elderly abuse case, expert witness referral services will connect litigants and lawyers with the right expert witness. With their vast databases and well established connections, expert witness referral services can connect you to some of the best expert witnesses regardless of the needs of the elderly abuse case.

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